Internationally like at home

Internationally like at home

Tyre service

Transport services cannot be realized without a good truck tyre service and tyre and wheel quality check. The newly opened professional truck tyre service of the company BRNA s.r.o. provides a wide range of high-quality services. Our long-time experience and professional attitude can guarantee a high quality of our services, availability of your services and customer satisfaction.


  • Disassembly and assembly of
    • tyres from/to disks
    • wheels from/to the axles of vehicles
    • valves
    • spare wheels
  • Tyre reparation
  • Tyre condition check
  • Wheel balancing
  • Wheel washing and cleaning
  • Tyre disposal
  • Repair service

Price list

SOS truck tyre service

In case of a breakdown call 24/7 the phone line +421 903 459 561
Only 50 cents/km Bratislava + 150 km surroundings

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